What is AleaMail?

If you were to hop around the web looking at hosting plans you will notice that pricing is all the same. But customers are charged EXTRA for the features.  

At AleaMail, we believe customers should have access to ALL features in a plan, at NO extra costs and pay for only what is needed.

What makes AleaMail different is our plan structures, and especially our people. If everyone offers the same thing, you must become the exception by becoming the example. The standard of service. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible, and we do just that.

Hosting Plans Available


ü      Web Hosting

ü      Email Hosting

ü      File Hosting


All Plans are accessible via the internet and mobile devices.


Additional Services


ü      Web Design

ü      Limited PC Repair

ü      Wireless Network Set-Up

ü      SEO Packages

ü      Word Perfect Document Conversion